Yale University
New Haven, CT 2009
  • Centerbrook Architects and Planners
  • Mark Simon
  • Stimson

Stimson has completed several projects at Yale University. Jensen Plaza involved the design for the new pedestrian procession that accommodates nearly 60,000 people to and from the Yale Bowl during game days, in addition to the everyday activity of the campus community. The unique history and origins of American football at Yale University led to the design precedent and abstraction of the field. The paving pattern acts as a means to visually commemorate the achievements of the Athletic Alumni. Other projects at the University include the School of Social Sciences, located in a mid-block location of the campus. There, the landscape is used to connect a new facility with the existing campus through a series of pedestrian paths and walkways. The Cullman Tennis Center located in the Athletic quadrant of the campus includes a renovation of the entrance into the court facility. Parking, drop-off and arrival sequences were integrated with patterned unit pavers and native planting.