University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 2010
  • Boston Society of Landscape Architects
  • Merit Award 2013
  • SCUP (Society for College and University Planning)
  • Merit Award 2016
  • Charles Mayer
  • Leers Weinzapfel Architects

Located in the heart of the flagship campus, two new social science buildings are located at the convergence of the Homer Babbidge Library and Fairfield Way, the most active pedestrian corridor that weaves through the campus. The site design is pragmatic and progressive at bringing a heightened awareness of the built environment to the student population. An extensive green roof can be seen from third floor classrooms, open cell pavers are used along major thoroughfares, and stormwater is directed into a series of bioswales lined with fieldstone gabions. Terraces surrounded by planting at the building entries provide flexible gathering with distinct microclimates. The University’s agricultural context is explored through the palette of grasses and woody perennials that are found in the surrounding pastures and woodlands. Site elements were conceived through study and understanding of local materials, plant communities and regional landscape patterns.