Savage Harbor
Prince Edward Island, Canada 2012
  • Foster Associates
  • Warren Jagger

The Prince Edward House project stemmed from a client who grew up on the Island and wanted to build a place to reconnect with family and friends and create shared memories of PEI with his family. The fifty-acre retreat is located on a wooded waterfront property in Savage Harbor. The site is surrounded by cultivated lands producing potato, blueberry and cranberry. The design and site organization was informed by these neighboring fields and agrarian patterns iconic of the region. A rectangular clearing was cut into the existing spruce woodland, running perpendicular to the coast. An additional existing clearing running parallel with the coast was restored to meadow and connected through the preserved woodland by intimate footpaths. The programmatic elements on the water side are held proud of the existing grade, pushing the site into the native coastal matrix. The material of the site constructions are made of red sandstone, reflecting the natural color tones native to the Island.