Pulaski Park
Northampton, MA 2017

Re-envisioning Pulaski Park began by studying early patterns of settlement in Northampton, and the roots of the original Park site. Research found that the landscape of Pulaski Park was once grounded in the ecological system of the historic Mill River that flowed through the village center. Over time, with the growth of the City, inherent flooding, and subsequent diversion of the Mill River, a connection to the native riparian and agrarian landscape has been lost. The concept for this Park project is to re-connect the heart of the City to its ecological and cultural history, to evoke the health of the river ecosystem to the Park through the restoration of indigenous plant communities, and to make the present-day environmental ethic of the Northampton community visible through the civic landscape. As the only substantial green space in the heart of the city, the park program incorporates plazas, greens, gardens, areas for play, and an overlook that capitalizes on unique views of the Holyoke Range connecting back to regional landscape.