Pleasant Bay
Orleans, MA 2005
  • Charles Rose Architects
  • Rosemary Fletcher
  • Charles Mayer

This site is situated in a dense coastal woodland on a dramatic bluff overlooking Pleasant Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The gravel drive weaves through the woodland and gently slopes down to arrive at an open landscape of rolling meadow dotted with groves of American Holly, Eastern Red Cedar, and a heritage Weeping Willow. The house, breezeway, and outbuildings are carefully sited to rise and fall with the undulating landscape. Following the breezeway, a path leads to a set of grass and granite steps that emphasize the natural topography at the house. The main house is sited at the high point of the property and incorporates a long stone terrace extending along the oceanside to capture water views and benefit from on southern exposure. The terrace is defined by a poured concrete wall that gently steps from east to west to follow existing grade. To unify the project, the same materials are used both within the interior and exterior spaces. Embedded within the terrace is a reflecting basin that spills into a runnel that moves along the wall and empties into a basin filled with findings from the beach below.