Milton Academy
Milton, MA 2010
  • Finegold Alexander + Associates
  • William Rawn Associates
  • Robert Bensen
  • Stimson

Milton Academy encompasses two separate building projects. The Crossroads Building is a new student-faculty center located centrally on the campus. The Center Street entrance was designed with a south-facing brick terrace defined by bench seating, shade trees and groundcovers. This space is the focal point of a new campus landscape and encourages natural gathering space for faculty and students. Overall, the design eliminates vehicular movement and excess paving, allowing for a pedestrian core that links the four major campus buildings. Nearby, the Pritzker Science Center frames the southern edge of the campus. The main entrance incorporates seating areas which act as extensions of interior classroom space. A stormwater garden runs along the eastside of the building, bringing the School’s environmental ethic to the core of the campus and the community.