Long Meadow
Duxbury, MA 2009
  • Lyman Perry Architects
  • Charles Mayer

Long Meadow is a historic homestead located in eastern Massachusetts at the convergence of a coastal bank and native woodland. These two unique ecosystems provide the unifying concept for the linear sixteen-acre site that spans five continuous parcels of land. The desires for ecosystem protection and the preservation of existing mature plantings transformed the original, separate properties into an estate with site continuity. The project challenges the traditional form of suburban development by limiting large lawn expanses and providing more naturalized areas of meadows and native vegetation. Carefully sited program elements integrate the client’s interests. The project provides flower, fruit and vegetable gardens, flexible gathering spaces, a pool terrace with enhanced views of restored meadow and the bay beyond, a courtyard for sculptural collections and an open air pavilion with views to the pond. Pedestrian footpaths in the form of mown meadow and boardwalk connect the site, and serve as running trails for the client’s active lifestyle.