Harvard Biology Research Infrastructure and Vivarium
Cambridge, MA 2002
  • Tsoi Kobus & Associates, Inc.
  • Charles Mayer
  • Stephen Stimson

An existing quadrangle framed by the Biology Building and Divinity Hall is the site of an underground Biology Infrastructure Research facility. The Vivarium was constructed five feet below grade to allow for the restoration of the quadrangle landscape. The design provides a hierarchy of paths, including diagonal walks that align on desired lines of travel and a perimeter strolling path that establishes the edges of the quadrangle. In the center of the green space, a generous expanse of lawn accommodates ceremonial gatherings and the popular volleyball court. Rows of trees line the paths along the north and south. Each row was planted with a different species ensuring variation in form, texture and fall color. Two large specimen trees serve as sculptural counter points. On the ground, clipped hedges reinforce circulation, screen bike racks and define a sunny picnic corner.