Government Hill
St. Louis, MO 2007
  • HOK Planning Group
  • Stimson

Stimson served as lead designer for the Government Hill area of the 1371-acre Forest Park in St. Louis, Missouri. The project challenge was to create a contemporary signature landscape that engaged the existing historic World’s Fair Pavilion at the top of Government Hill. The program included large open spaces for events and festivals, ADA accessibility, preservation of park woodland gardens and a new fountain. In detail, the design uses a gentle sloped path to pass through a series of sloped berms, connecting flat lawn terraces. To accentuate the landforms, some berms are planted with flowering perennials, groundcovers and grasses, creating planes of color on the hillside. At the middle terrace of the hill, an oval fountain pool animated with water jets recreates the spectacle and festive air of an old fountain which needed to be replaced.