Berkshire School
Sheffield, MA In Progress
  • LEED Silver Certified
  • Centerbrook Architects and Planners
  • Moser Pilon Nelson Architects
  • Chip Riegel
  • Charles Mayer
  • Stimson

As the campus landscape architect, Stimson is currently undertaking a series of campus-wide projects at Berkshire School, one of the leading institutions in New England for green initiatives in an academic environment. An initial framework study was undertaken to establish an initial conceptual level of research and analysis that considers the conditions that have shaped the campus landscape over time. The study established guiding principles for rural sustainability and an environmental ethic for future growth and maintenance at the School. In 2011, Berkshire School opened the largest solar field in the state of Massachusetts, generating 40% of the School’s power needs. Stimson completed the meadow restoration and site accessibility plan for the project. In 2012, a campus signage Master Plan was implemented, including the re-envisioning of the main entry drive, with fieldstone walls, the continuation of the historic sugar maple allee, a new School sign, and a series of wayfinding signs. A new LEED Silver Math and Science Building for the campus was also completed in 2012. The site is located at the base of Mount Everett and is re-envisioned as a living laboratory for outdoor learning for the students and faculty. Schematic plans and drawings are being undertaken at the renovations to the Athletic Center. Studies for rainwater harvesting, solar power, and a community garden support the School’s mission of achieving a carbon-neutral campus in the next five years.