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SSA Spring Dig at Charbrook Nursery
Last week, our designers had the opportunity to step out into the spring air and participate in Charbrook Nursery’s annual tree dig. Using Charbrook’s tree spade, yards of burlap, and a series of intricate knots, the team dug and bound trees and shrubs of various sizes and species, to be installed in projects throughout New England over the coming year.
Ferrous signage - in the shop
SSA is digging into a series of signage options for the recently opened Ferrous Site Park in Lawrence, MA. We are currently studying a timber entry sign made from Black Locust trees that had fallen on site. After being taken to a local shop to be milled, the timbers were then transported to a nearby metal fabricator, who is working with us to develop steel forms that will be used to “brand” (burn) the name across a series of upright timbers. Stay tuned as this process unfolds!
SSA is delighted to have one of our Principals, Edward Marshall, lecture at the 28th Annual Landscape Design Symposium at both Connecticut College on Friday January 13th, and again at the Morris Arboretum on Friday January 20th. His talk focuses on how SSA’s Charbrook Nursery informs and advances our design.