MARCH 2018


Our Weston Garden project is featured in the March-April 2018 issue of New England Home Magazine!

In the article, SSA Principal Glen Valentine describes the landscape composition as a natural extension of the architecture, designed by Stern McCafferty. Check it out!


Snow Day at Killian Court

Killian Court is a popular landscape on the MIT campus for students, residents, and tourists alike, thanks in part to its close proximity to the Charles River. During the fall, students are usually rushing through on their way to classes. This time of year, it’s a great place to make snowballs!

Originally constructed in 1916, Killian Court is the oldest green space on campus and an icon of the Institute. Since 2013, SSA has been working with MIT on a phased master plan that aims to reinvigorate this campus landscape for the 21st century. Phase I was completed in 2016, and includes new walkways and plantings, as well as masonry ramps that provide newly accessible paths to the restored entrances of adjacent campus buildings. The central lawn, maintained to accommodate yearly commencement crowds, continues to be a grand feature of Killian Court—and, in a future phase, it will be home to a site-wide subsurface filtration system designed to the improve water quality of the Charles River.


Shadow Play

Winter is a great time to experience the structural beauty of trees and shrubs through light and shadow. Ngoc recently took a trip to the Radcliffe Sunken Garden and got some great photos of the plants under a fresh blanket of snow. The wide branching structures of the garden’s witch hazels, oaks, and elms create a dramatic shadow play under the sun that is truly unique to the season.


SSA Holiday Party

This month SSA gathered as a team and a family to celebrate the holiday season and the year’s end. Wishing everyone good health, happiness, and peace for the new year ahead!

JULY 2017


At the height of the summer, SSA gathered with friends, family, and colleagues to celebrate the projects, places, and—most importantly—the people that have shaped the firm over the last 25 years. Since its beginnings on Cape Cod in 1992, Stephen Stimson Associates has grown from a local firm specializing in residential design to a nationally-recognized, award-winning studio working across the spectrum of designed landscapes. Through our various residential, institutional, and park projects over the years, we have had the pleasure of working for and with some really amazing people. We’ve learned a great deal from these collaborations, and they continue to shape the future of our work.

Be sure to check out our Instagram for some project highlights over the last 25 years!

MAY 2017

SSA visits the Arnold Arboretum

With spring in full force, Michael and Glen recently led the crew on a plant walk at the Arnold Arboretum. Part of Boston’s iconic Emerald Necklace, the Arboretum covers over 280 acres across the Jamaica Plain and Roslindale neighborhoods. SSA spent the afternoon exploring the extensive collection of trees, shrubs, and vines, delighting in the vibrant colors and textures of the season in bloom.

APRIL 2017

SSA Spring Dig at Charbrook Nursery

Last week, our designers had the opportunity to step out into the spring air and participate in Charbrook Nursery’s annual tree dig. Using Charbrook’s new tree spade, yards of burlap, and intricate knots, the team dug and bound trees and shrubs of various sizes and species, to be installed in projects throughout New England over the coming year.



Ferrous signage – in the shop

SSA is digging into a series of signage options for the recently opened Ferrous Site Park in Lawrence, MA. We are currently studying a timber entry sign made from Black Locust trees that had fallen on site. After being taken to a local shop to be milled, the timbers were then transported to a nearby metal fabricator, who is working with us to develop steel forms that will be used to “brand” (burn) the name across a series of upright timbers. Stay tuned as this process unfolds!



SSA is delighted to have one of our Principals, Edward Marshall, lecture at the 28th Annual Landscape Design Symposium at both Connecticut College on Friday January 13th, and again at the Morris Arboretum on Friday January 20th. His talk focuses on how SSA’s Charbrook Nursery informs and advances our design.


Quarry Point Residence

SSA has been carefully observing the construction of the Quarry Point Residence located in Cohasset, MA. This project is the result of a close partnership with Catalano Architects, ensuring that the architecture and landscape work together to celebrate the natural features of the site. All of the stonework was fabricated from on site ledge removal. This was a sustainable practice while also allowing the walls and terraces to better blend with their surroundings. The project includes an elaborate coastal bank restoration, as well as the use of native plantings, such as the tupelo from our own Chabrook Nursery.