MARCH 2018


Our Weston Garden project is featured in the March-April 2018 issue of New England Home Magazine!

In the article, SSA Principal Glen Valentine describes the landscape composition as a natural extension of the architecture, designed by Stern McCafferty. Check it out!


Snow Day at Killian Court

Killian Court is a popular landscape on the MIT campus for students, residents, and tourists alike, thanks in part to its close proximity to the Charles River. During the fall, students are usually rushing through on their way to classes. This time of year, it’s a great place to make snowballs!

Originally constructed in 1916, Killian Court is the oldest green space on campus and an icon of the Institute. Since 2013, SSA has been working with MIT on a phased master plan that aims to reinvigorate this campus landscape for the 21st century. Phase I was completed in 2016, and includes new walkways and plantings, as well as masonry ramps that provide newly accessible paths to the restored entrances of adjacent campus buildings. The central lawn, maintained to accommodate yearly commencement crowds, continues to be a grand feature of Killian Court—and, in a future phase, it will be home to a site-wide subsurface filtration system designed to the improve water quality of the Charles River.


Shadow Play

Winter is a great time to experience the structural beauty of trees and shrubs through light and shadow. Ngoc recently took a trip to the Radcliffe Sunken Garden and got some great photos of the plants under a fresh blanket of snow. The wide branching structures of the garden’s witch hazels, oaks, and elms create a dramatic shadow play under the sun that is truly unique to the season.